How to Get Out of a Dark Place

Baton Rouge is starting to rebuild

It’s been tough this week to watch piles of clothes, furniture, appliances, and TVs out in front of every home on my street.  It’s dark.  It’s difficult. 40,000 homes are under 4-8 feet of water.  Nine megachurches are totally flooded.  Not one church had services last Sunday. Jacob was in a dark place.  Running from his […]

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How to Navigate the Floodwaters

The Epic Flood in Baton Rouge

It seems we have all been a little shellshocked.  What a summer.  Terrorist attacks and campaigns.  Shootings and tension.  Now, it has come home to me more than ever. I have lived on Bethany Church’s North campus property for 53 years.  I’ve never seen anything like what happened there this weekend.

How to Navigate the Floodwaters
The Epic Flood in Baton Rouge - Larry Stockstill

How to Stop the Current Violence in America: “Hatred…or Hesed?”

It’s crazy.  The images of carnage.  The blatant anger.  The hurt and frustration.  The escalating conflict and animosity between races and with authorities.  What is the solution?  “Hesed.” It all started this week here in Baton Rouge with another senseless killing of a man who sold CDs. 

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The whole world is upset about borders.  From Brexit to the Middle East to the Ukraine, borders are shifting.  Some propose tighter borders and others want them totally removed.   John Kerry recently referred to a “world without borders.”  Someone said that he left that speech, got into his armored car, and  drove behind the […]

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How Big is Your God?

We are in a stressful time.  Political changes are unnerving.  Our enemies are gaining strength.  The economy is fragile.  Diseases are coming out of nowhere.  Travel has become dangerous.  It’s always good to come back to my “true north”:  “how big is my God?” I was recently in Colorado.  I was dwarfed by the massive […]